Our electric furnace brings dependable heating in a variety of modes right to your home. It is adaptable to your ductwork configuration and versatile enough to work with split-system air conditioners or heat pumps. For added flexibility, split-system coil cabinets can be easily installed right in your home for either upflow or downflow air distribution.

For simple replacement, our electric furnace’s disposable air filter is easy to locate. The unit’s white appliance finish and compact build allows for stowaway in an alcove or closet. Complete with a multi-speed and electronically communicated motor, this appliance will not only run efficiently but also quietly.

To increase the life of your system, a fault safeguard prevents unit damage, and for added peace of mind, this unit includes an out-of-the-box, one-year parts warranty.

Increase your home’s year-round efficiency with a matching cooling system that is designed specifically to work with the electric furnace.